Physical Security Solutions

In today’s world, the convergence of physical security solutions and Information Technology (IT) requires both security and IT directors to manage far more information then ever before. In addition, ever-expanding security and technology options bring more advanced capabilities, but also require more expertise to implement, integrate and use.

BIPRO’s Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS) Group provides the expertise you need -- in IT, physical security, infrastructure management, software engineering, and system integration. With a decade of experience in designing and successfully delivering integrated security and situation management solutions, ESS has the experience, qualifications, and capabilities to help you fulfill your security mission.

Vendor-Neutral Systems Integrator

BIPRO is a vendor-neutral systems integrator. We provide standards-based open systems to protect your investments while you grow your capabilities to meet new security needs – without the restrictions that proprietary systems may impose.

Proven Solutions to Meet Your Needs

BIPRO ESS provides proven and reliable solutions that let you focus on your mission rather than on the technology supporting it. We provide full spectrum security solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection, Public Transportation Security, Maritime and Supply Chain Security, Information, Infrastructure Security, Emergency Management and Response Planning, and Technical Support Services. No matter the security challenge you face – physical, operational, or IT – BIPRO has the skills and experience to deliver systems and services at every critical stage.

Professional & Technical Resources
  • SOA Readiness Assessment
  • Emergency & Response Planning
  • Business Continuity / Recovery
  • EOC “Con-Ops” Planning
  • System & Software Integration
  • Communications & Network Design
  • System Design & Installation
  • Command Center Design / Integration
  • Project Management / Managed Services
  • Service & Support